Life Update: Things Have Changed!

Hi guys! I’m soooo sorry for my long absence. So much has changed in basically all aspects of my life! I felt like I needed to take the time and fully embrace all the changes and to remind myself that it was important to live in the moment, rather than be distracted and miss any part of the milestones I was reaching. So since I’m back, I’ve decided that I owe it to my loyal readers to catch you up on all that’s happened since I was last active on here.

My Home

From the time I moved up to Johannesburg in 2013 I have been renting accommodation. So, with me getting a job here last year in 2017, and my brother moving to Johannesburg to come and study, my parents decided that it was time to purchase our own place, rather than to continue renting. So after many painful months of house-hunting and getting really excited for some really stunning homes, thinking “this is it!” Although, it wasn’t… after mine and my brothers’ hearts were broken a few times and many decisions were eventually made, our hearts were settled, the choice was made and we moved into our beautiful new apartment in Waterfall, Johannesburg last September. But, oh my god, I HATE moving! It is the biggest pain in the ass! I really dislike the mess and disorganization that comes with moving house, and on top of all those stresses, I had to deal with issues moving all my junk and furniture to the new house. But once all those issues were resolved (trust me, it’s better that I don’t go into detail with this one), cue me falling in love with interior decor all over again! We’ve taken our time to furnish and decorate our new home, and even after living here for 9 months now, we feel that there’s still quite a bit we would like to do until we’re satisfied. So far we’ve decided to go with a clean, minimalistic look: keeping to white and neutrals, with a hint of wood, metals and fur in the living areas, as well as more pastel neutrals in the bedrooms. I’m still deciding on whether or not I want to do a blog post on a mini home tour… let me know in the comments down below if you’d be keen to read up on that.

My Job

After finally completing one last subject last year, I am now officially a Wits graduate! Yes, my graduation was in March, and yes, I will put up images from the day:) But back to the story… During my last year of study I was offered a learner-ship position (basically an apprentice or teachers’ assistant) at an amazing school I had done one of my practicals at. I accepted the offer and was working part-time while I completed my studies. I was so fortunate to have gotten that job opportunity, considering I had not gotten my degree yet and also considering the fact that I hadn’t even applied for a job anywhere! I was even more fortunate to then be offered a full time position at the school for this year. If you know anything about teaching, you’ll know that it’s a really demanding career. People do not understand half of what teachers go through in order to do their jobs to the best of their ability and I wish people would give teachers the respect and recognition they deserve. It’s so demanding that even though I’ve been dying to be active on my blog and although I’ve been making feeble attempts at keeping my blogger spirt alive on Instagram, I just haven’t had the energy physically, emotionally or psychologically to even attempt jumping back into blogging. I’ve been tiptoeing around the idea of getting back into the swing of things, but I just haven’t seemed to find the right time. After working (crying, having sleepless nights, dealing with shitty parents, crying, breaking out, gaining weight, crying, and working through panic attacks) full time for about 6 months now, I feel like it’s now or never. So here we are, anxiety and stress and all!

Obviously I had to take a selfie!Family photo:)

My Relationship

The title, “blogger”, is always a tricky one. People expect you to put your entire life on show and it seems as if you can’t be private about things in your life. However, I can personally say that being a blogger means that you are your own boss. You get to decide what you want to talk about and display, just as much as you get to decide what you don’t want to talk about and display. When it comes to my relationship I like to keep it very private. I feel, what happens between two people in a relationship is a personal thing. People enjoy judging and talking about others and I am one to avoid all negativity. So I’m going against my instincts today, and I’ve decided to talk about my relationship.

I was single for a while last year after being in a long deadbeat relationship. And out of nowhere I ended up unexpectedly falling so deeply and so crazily in love with someone I have known and been friends with for a few years. It was totally unexpected, but then again, they say the most amazing things happen when you’re least expecting them. You might’ve seen him in some of my pictures on my IG, and guys the pictures are no where close to being a reflection of what I feel for him. I can’t even begin to explain how he has changed my views on life and my view on relationships. When we used to spend time together as friends, I always admired his mannerisms, his respect for people, his kind and giving heart, and simply his ability to show the people in his life how much he loves and appreciates them. I fell in love with him unknowingly, just purely from the way he treated others. The next thing was his sense of humor. This guy can make me laugh no matter how crappy my mood is – and trust, if you know me at all, that is something really hard to do! He is probably the happiest person I know and his happiness is contagious! People around him naturally gravitate towards him because of the positivity in his aura. He has shown and taught me so many things, some of the things being: how a man should treat a woman, how a woman deserves to be treated, how to communicate when something bothers you, that drama is unnecessary, and that you create your own mood and happiness. So yeah… I’m not one to brag, you know all that stuff about being humble and whatever, but I am one lucky lady:D!Man crush errrryday! *insert in love face here*

My Views on my Life

I always believed that everything happens for a reason and I’ve learnt that people have to go through their fair share of difficulties and life problems in order to become the person they need to be in order to receive their blessings. You might pray and ask for things that you want in your life and that you feel you deserve, but until you are ready, you will not get what you’re asking for. So rather than looking at the problems you go through in life as a brick wall stopping you and holding you back, look at them as hurdles you simply need to work hard enough to jump over in order to get to the prize. These past few months have been very trying on me as a person, but I know that it has all been so, so worth it. My parents have given me the most amazing home to live in, I have such a beautiful and rewarding job, and I am in an amazing, healthy, happy, loving relationship! So yes, you might not have seen or known about all the ups and downs I’ve gone through the past few months. However, they did happen and I am as grateful for my problems as I’m grateful for my blessings!

[Thank you for being so patient, you have no idea how much I appreciate all the love and support I have gotten from my readers and followers. Love you lots!]



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