Makeup Trends VS Classic Makeup Styles

Image taken off Pinterest Hey dolls, so if you are on any form of social media I'm sure as the day is bright that you have seen some of the craziest makeup trends that seem to keep popping up. As someone who has enough knowledge about makeup, I can tell the difference between what is … Continue reading Makeup Trends VS Classic Makeup Styles

My Skincare Routine

Hi my loves! Being human and having all the glories of owning an outer layer of skin, comes along the various different struggles of owning skin that we all go through at some stage in our lives. From the mild spots or little blackheads to full-blown, red, deep-under-the-skin acne I have had and suffered through … Continue reading My Skincare Routine

Nailed It: Finding the Perfect Nail Technician 

If you're someone who loves to have their nails on slay then you probably also know the struggle of finding a nail technician that does a consistently amazing job, that has all the colour and nail art options you want, and also doesn't charge an arm and a leg. Picture me, a balling-on-a-budget student wrought … Continue reading Nailed It: Finding the Perfect Nail Technician