Turkish Delight: How I Styled my Pleated Midi-Skirt

Hi babes! I’m getting so excited that the days are finally starting to warm up! I know that I am forever complaining about how much I dislike winter, but funnily enough, this winter wasn’t even a very cold one, unlike some of the winters I’ve experienced before in Johannesburg. As the sun starts rising earlier and setting later and feeling warmer, I cannot wait to whip out my spring, and essentially summer clothing – cause, let’s just be real, we live in South Africa where the weather switches from winter to summer and back to winter in the same day. The craving that I’ve been experiencing for spring had me feeling inspired to put together a deliciously pretty pink look.

I decided to go with a warmer blush pleated midi skirt that is so trendy right now, a black and white patterned, structured cropped top with a geometrical cut-out in the front, a blush pink bomber jacket and blush pink suede platform heels with laces. The midi skirt adds a touch of flowing elegance and femininity which is light and airy, that is then contrasted with the darker colour and the structure of the geometrical top. I balanced out my proportions by having a fitted top with a loose, flowing bottom. I then paired this outfit with a cream River Island purse with gold and light brown details and a thick black choker to finish off the look .

The structured top stops right above the small of the waist, and along with the geometric cutout paired with the high waisted skirt, it gives the illusion of a smaller waist. The length of the skirt along with the folds in the pleat that run downwards are elongating and slimming – making you appear slim and tall. I mean, who wouldn’t want that? Then of course, I  jumped at the opportunity to wear these gorgeous heels that I got from River Island at the beginning of the year. Blush suede and long adjustable straps that allow you to do with them as you please – yes, please!

I hadn’t actually planned this outfit and it was so quickly thrown together, in the back of my car, that I was surprised I actually liked the combination. I’m not big into mixing black and pink and would generally prefer to pair pinks with lighter colours to keep my looks light and feminine. However, for some reason I felt like this worked and I couldn’t help but to find an adorably yummy location to shoot this look. I hope you love it just as much as I do!


Outfit Details
Top – Forever New
Jacket – Forever New
Skirt – Forever New
Heels – River Island
Purse – River Island
Choker – The Lot
Bracelet – Pandora

Look styled & modeled – myself

Hair & makeup – myself

Photography – Thabang A.K.A IG @stezz_cloth

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