How I Mix Formal and Casual Wear

Hey babes! It has already been the longest week and it’s only Tuesday! There are so many things going on in my life right now that when I go to bed it takes me forever to fall asleep because it feels like my brain has like a million tabs open! Anyhow, I am happy to be posting this next simple look I put together that will help put you at ease, and not have your mind and emotions all up in a knot trying to put together your own outfits!

I have been obsessed with the monotone trend that has been going around that involves simply wearing just one colour throughout. People have gotten so programmed into wearing either a dark bottom and a light top or the other way around, that it was so refreshing when this started to become a trend. Another trend that I have been loving lately is mixing formal, dressy clothing items with casual, laid back ones. It can make the simplest of outfits so much fun and can very easily put you on par with the latest fashion trends without making your outfit seem too styled or overdone. So with that being said I decided that I would give you my take on it, I mean, as per usual, right?

Remember, the whole point of mixing casual and formal clothing is to look amazing without looking too overdressed or too styled. It gives off a more relaxed vibe, however, you are not compromising on looking well put together. When it comes to deciding what to wear, do not stress yourself out or put too much pressure on yourself to try this trend. If you are not feeling it, then it is not working so take it off and try something else. It is all about trial and error: clothing items that you thought would look great together might sometimes make you look messy and untidy, so it is key that you try everything on and see whether it actually works well together or not.

Start off by thinking about how you’re feeling: are you in the mood for bright, playful colours or something more neutral and calm, or dark and bold? As I said in a previous post, the way you dress represents what you like and how you’re feeling that day. So take a look at your clothes and ice out what you feel would represent your mood best. Build on that vibe and try mixing and matching different clothing items that you wouldn’t usually think of wearing together. I was in the mood for pretty muted pastel colours and styled a simple affordable beige stretch crop top from Forever 21 with a pricier pair of blush wide-leg high waist pants from Forever New. These pants are gorgeous and can pass as formal or casual wear depending on how you dress them. They are so comfortable and look and feel so high-end and expensive that I was really glad that I bought them, even though I didn’t really have a clue how I was initially going to style them. I just remember needing comfortable, pretty formal pants that I could wear to work in summer and, by luck, I found a pair of pants that fit the image that I was looking for. An important factor that you should keep in mind is to always keep your silhouette balanced: if you’re wearing something fitted on top, you can wear something loose and wide at the bottom, or vice versa. This helps to ensure thank you do not look sloppy and not well put together by wearing clothing that is not flattering to your body shape. The wide high waist pants is balanced out by the fitted top and the bare midriff helps to keep the waist looking snatched! I then took this look up a notch by adding the heels and the trench coat. I had worn this outfit differently before with a white and pink pair of Adidas NMD sneakers and a white jersey, which changed the look making it a cute, comfortable, casual one.

You can always decide on whether you want your look to feel more casual or dressed up by simply changing the way you accessorize the outfit: either with the actual accessories, the shoes and the outer wear (jersey, jacket, trench coat, etc.), jewelry, and hair and makeup. The smallest details can make the biggest differences! Another very important factor to remember is that you do not have to follow fashion trends to be stylish. In fashion there are no set rules, trends are merely guidelines as to what looks good at the moment and the most important thing is that you take inspiration from them. Do not ever feel the need to completely cover up or mute your taste and style just to be “in fashion”. Some things will not be for everyone, because duh, everyone is their own person with their own likes and style and it is easily noticeable when your outfit is forced. So wear what you want, the way you want it and never forgot to just have fun!

Lots of love



Shoot Details
Modeled and styled by myself
Hair and makeup done by myself
Shot by Thabang @stezz_cloth on Instagram
outfit Details
Top – Forever 21
Pants – Forever New
Trench Coat – Forever New
Heels – Forever New
Purse – River Island

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