Bomber Chic: How to Style a Bomber Jacket

Hi babes! The weeks have been getting crazier and more stressful as I’ve been getting more and more involved in my blogging! All the detailed work that comes with blogging mixed in with working Monday to Friday and going to campus twice a week, it has really been no joke. But what I can say is that I am loving this new part of my life!
Now if I have to be completely honest, I have found myself wondering through my wardrobe and not being really satisfied with the little (actually, massive) empire that I have built myself and with this comes lack of winter style inspiration. However, I do have my days now and again where I’m like, “aha!” and end up putting together the dopest social-media-worthy outfits. Since we’ve decided that we’re going to find a new apartment and we’re now moving into our new place in September, I’ve decided that I’ll kill two birds with one stone and do a total wardrobe spring-clean during the move. Hopefully this will bring on the new, fresh start that I have been looking for in my wardrobe and also allow me some space to bring in new pieces that I feel I am in desperate need of to spice up my style.

I really feel like I’ve been going through a style evolution all over again, and right now I’m stuck between the clothes I used to love to wear last year when I was still a full on urban-street style varsity kid, verses now, the clothes I feel more inclined to wear as a mature, sexy, strong, modern working woman. Don’t get me wrong, I don’t have a problem with dressing in either style, I just am starting to feel a stronger pull towards the mature, sexy, strong, modern working woman type vibe. Hence, the want for a total style overhaul and it is where the inspiration for this outfit was born.

I styled a formal white and blue striped button-up collar shirt with rose embroidery on the back that I tucked into my jeans, blue denim high waisted skinny jeans that aren’t stitched all the way down the leg, black wide-ankle booties and my navy blue puffy bomber jacket. The jeans and bomber jacket gives this look a slightly more casual feel which makes it easy to wear night or day. However, the collared shirt keeps it from being a completely laid back look with the hint of that sexy working-woman vibe. I decided to finish off the look with the ankle booties to give it a little bit of a fun edginess.

I usually find people pairing their bomber jackets with jeans, a t-shirt and sneakers and keeping it very casual and simple, whereas I think it’s pretty dope to pair it with a more sexy dressed-up look. I feel that bomber jackets are a fun clothing item that can give any outfit a total upgrade along with being so warm and cuddly to wear! They literally look good with anything from jeans to skirts and dresses and I always find myself reaching for mine to wear to school on cooler days. Don’t underrate your jackets, babes, they can do wonders for simple outfits and give them that little something extra that you may feel is lacking!

I was still a student when I got my jacket and trust me, real quality bomber jackets are not cheap! I got mine at Topshop and I had to sacrifice a little just to get it but I am so glad that I did! I have gotten cheaper bomber jackets from other stores but I find them very thin and flat, and obviously not as warm, compared to my expensive one. When it comes to items like these I suggest saving up and getting the expensive one and I promise you that you will be happier with it. I learnt the quality-over-quantity lesson the hard way. When I was a student and I was still getting an allowance from my parents, I had a student account that was linked to my dad’s account and whenever I used my card my dad would get a notification. So I would withdraw cash every few days and when I had enough I would go shopping and buy a ton of cheap clothing that wouldn’t last very long and after washing them a few times they would fall apart and become unwearable. Which is why I now choose to buy fewer more expensive items that last years and years.

Anyways, I hope that you enjoyed this look and that it gave you some inspiration to try something new! I am stuck in bed with the flu and horrible sinus problems and I am trying really hard to keep from binge watching a ton of series and rather be productive in the free time that I have. Wish you guys an amazing weekend to come, and as always, thank you so much for all your love and support I really appreciate you all :-)!

G xx

Styled and modeled by myself
Hair & makeup by myself.
Images shot by Thabang @stezz_cloth
Outfit Details
Shirt  – Zara
Bomber jacket – Topshop
Jeans – Topshop
Boots – Woolworths

3 thoughts on “Bomber Chic: How to Style a Bomber Jacket

  1. Loving the bomber trend you have going on…. you HAVE to help me style mine when you have time. #personalstyler (there isn’t any1 else I’d choose!)

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